An Exploration into "Pays Basque"

We went on a little adventure into the French Basque country this past weekend with a small group. We made multiple stops in between and there were some rather wondrous sights!

Map of Basque Country Spain and France

We particularly loved the dramatic, rocky coastline just north of Hendaye on the French side of the Basque country. This area is characterized by rolling green pastureland that seemed to spill into the sea. We toured an incredible castle built by Viollet-le-Duc in the late 19th century known as Château de A'bbadia and home to a famous geographer and explorer, Antoine de A'bbadie.

Cafe French Basque Country

The larger vacation towns of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz are characterized by very white, Beax-Arts style architecture and a much drier climate than we had expected. Biarritz was almost reminiscent of Prohibition Era Atlantic City with some very fun surfing we would love to go back and try! The white sand, flat beaches, and warm sunshine of these towns made for a great weekend excursion.

Biarritz coastline

French Basque Cliffs

french basque country buildings

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