Q&A with Q Language Centre

This week, LanguaTravel speaks with Stuart McCutcheon Barrett, Director of Q Language Centre. Stuart introduces us the unique aspects of Q Language Centre in Hong Kong and how the school can benefit students in their Chinese learning experience.

1. Tell us about why you started language education and founded Q Language.

Q Language was established in 1999 and has grown with the demands of the modern language student. We have proven Q Language and Hong Kong as an alternative location to study language. With English and Chinese as official languages, Hong Kong is now a popular choice for students seeking a unique overseas learning environment. Over the years, Q Language has adapted its services to ensure students from every continent can study in a vibrant, exciting environment.

2. What is unique about the school culture at Q Language?

Our academic staff are all native-speaker teachers with internationally-recognized academic training qualifications and worldwide working experience. They are dedicated in guiding students through their goals in a relaxed learning environment. In addition, our students are from over 30 different countries and the group sizes of only 8 per class maximum makes for a more personal atmosphere. This all combines to create a very special place to learn language and it has helped us provide a unique learning environment.

Classroom at Q Language Centre.

3. Where do most of your students come from?

Our students come from over 30 different countries, mainly Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Russia, Mongolia and Europe.

4. In your opinion, why is Hong Kong an ideal location to learn Chinese?

Compared to other locations for study abroad, Hong Kong offers a confluence of cultures and it makes life easier to adjust for foreigners. Unlike mainland China where Mandarin is the only language, Cantonese, Mandarin and English are all widely used by the people in Hong Kong. So not only can you practice your Chinese by putting it into daily use, Hong Kong can also give you a unique living experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Skyline of Hong Kong at night.

5. What is a favorite activity of students at your school?

They love social gathering with friends and fellow classmates. There are so many places to visit that every week there seems to be a new activity. These include junk trips, BBQ, restaurants, hiking, art gallery & museum days.

Q Language Centre offers students a variety of activities and excursions.

6. Do you offer Chinese programs for adults and seniors?

Yes of course. Our students range from age 15 – 75 years old!

7. How does Q Language Centre ensure that each student gets the most out of Chinese learning at your school?

Our dedicated team of native-speaker teachers drives students by providing an interactive learning environment. We don’t just use textbooks, we also use more practical methods to allow students to use Chinese in real-life.

The Olympic Steps at Irving and Yee Woo Streets in Hong Kong.

8. What is the experience of staying with a local host family like?

The experience you get can be quite a unique and memorable one as Hong Kong has a mixed culture. Not only will the host family be a great resource for you to practice your Chinese, you will also get to experience what typical Hong Kong family lives like, what kind of food they eat, what kind of family activities they do etc. All together creating a total immersion environment for you to fully enjoy Hong Kong life.

9. What if students have limited Chinese proficiency, can they come to study at your school as well?

Of course! We welcome students of all levels to come study with us. Even those with zero Chinese knowledge.

10. Can you give us a piece of advice for students who want to improve their language skills?

Whether it is speaking or listening skills you want to improve, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and most importantly, don’t be afraid to speak the language whenever you can. The more practice you do, the more confident you are likely to become. You will see improvement in your language skills when you overcome your shyness and be confident about it.

Interested in Mandarin or Cantonese programs? Please visit the school webpage.

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

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