Why is immersion travel the best way to learn Spanish?

Language travel helps people learn and retain Spanish better than any other method.

Many individuals begin to learn Spanish while in high school or college but soon forget all but the most basic vocabulary. There are also a number of expensive software programs designed for learning basic words and sentence structure, but these tend to be just as ineffective. The reason that students employing these methods are never required to use the language in real-time, real-world situations. That is, they aren't forced to improvise or think on their feet.

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Spanish immersion programs are a better choice for serious learners because they remove student from their comfort zones and place them directly in a Spanish speaking country. It's a sink or swim situation, and most people learn to swim. Students are forced to practice what they learn in class each day and the information becomes seared into their brains for easier recall in the future. Spanish immersion travel is easier now than ever, with established 1-24 week adult travel courses offered in a wide range of locations, including:

It is important to remember that when considering traveling to learn Spanish, the language varies slightly in different geographic regions in a similar way that English is different in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. An individual participating in Spanish immersion travel also wants to understand the culture and history of the area they are visiting.

More affordable than Rosetta Stone or College Spanish courses

Many people think that a Spanish immersion trip will cost a lot more than Spanish learnning software or a community college class. This is dead wrong. Ignoring the fact that immersion courses are better for learning Spanish, immersion travel is still cheaper per hour of instruction than either Rosetta Stone or the average college Spanish course.

Cost of Spanish immersion vs Rosetta Stone or college course

There are other ways to keep your language immersion trip budget friendly too. First, when booking, consider your proximity to Central America, Spain or South America, and the time of year to help minimize the cost of airfare. Also, think about cost of living and the purchasing power of your home currency. Though the Euro has weakened recently, in most cases, Spain will cost more than traveling to either Central or South America because the cost of living is higher there. In addition, consider how long the trip should last to provide the most benefits but still remain affordable.

Cost of host family vs hostel hotel and apartment

Living with a Host Family

We highly recommend living with a host family in Spain or Latin America. If you want to achieve a true immersion experience, meet nice people, and really experience your chosen destination the way the locals do, you can't beat living with a local host family. Your Spanish will improve markedly faster, you'll save a lot of money, and have a truly unique travel experience. Usually host family accommodation includes two meals per day (breakfast and dinner), bedding, towels, and a private room. Students are issued their own key to come and go as they please, and are welcome to spend as much or as little time with their hosts as they wish. Most homestays are within a 30 minute commute from school, either walking or on public transit.


Do you like learning new things?

You'll learn a new language, experience a new culture, and maybe discover new talents. Sign up for a general language class to achieve conversational proficiency, or narrow your focus toward language learning for business, teaching, medicine or law. Beyond language classes, our programs offer students the opportunity to learn other skills such as cooking, dancing, wine-tasting, surfing or horseback riding.

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Do you like meeting new people?

Unlike with other travel opportunities, language immersion gives you a built-in community of interesting people from around the world. You'll meet friendly, hospitable locals, fellow travelers, and wonderful teachers starting the day you arrive. These people will be your community while traveling, helping you acquire the language, work through culture shock, and explore your temporary home. Some may even become life long friends!

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Do you like saving money?

Not only is language immersion travel a cheaper alternative to traditional options like hotels, resorts, cruises, and tours, it is also the most cost effective way to get a comprehensive language education, and unlike software learning products it actually works!

Are you human?

If so, you're in luck! We have programs available for all types of people, of any age and ability level. Specific programs include:

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