Top 5 US Cities for English Learning

It is okay to take a break and enjoy yourself.

Whether you are a college student, a working professional, or a retired person, you may have encountered numerous moments when you felt stressed and unmotivated. If you need some changes in your life, get out of the place you are tired with and freshen yourself up with something new.

Short city trips can be fascinating. Gather up a couple of friends, tour the city, visit attractions, and maybe enjoy some delicious local eats. It sounds like a great time. However, there are many ways to upgrade your trip. A language immersion experience can make your vacation unique yet meaningful by providing you a more comprehensive understanding of local culture and people. Especially if you are a culture enthusiast, there is no better way to explore a city in depth than taking language immersive vacations. But where? To make things easier for you, we have selected our top 5 US cities as your English learning destinations. Here is the full list:

1.New York City (Click here to explore English programs in New York City.) With its vast diversity, New York City is a global financial center and home to 8 million people. Wandering around the city, you will find yourself at world-known attractions such as 5th Avenue, The Statue of Liberty, and Time Square. Also, take a trip to explore the five boroughs that constitute the city-Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Each neighborhood represents an unique aspect of the outstanding cultural atmosphere in the "Big Apple".

2.Los Angeles (Click here to explore English programs in Los Angeles.) Los Angeles is a city hosts the sunny weather, entertainment, education, food, shopping...wait, did I mention the sunny weather? And if you watched The Oscars this year, yes, it all happened here in Los Angeles. Moreover, the City of Los Angeles is also known for its ethnic diversity, metropolitan scene, and unparalleled economic prosperity. LanguaTravel's current partner schools in L.A. are California Language Academy and Mentor Language Institute.

3.Washington, D.C. (Click here to explore English programs in DC) If you are die-hard fan of House of Cards, you are probably familiar with many sights in this city. Washington D.C. is a metropolis full of educational resources. There are more than 19 massive museums throughout the city. Additionally, the city is also a cluster of diverse architecture styles, ranging from the neoclassical, Georgian, gothic to modern styles. With such a dense cultural climate, learning US culture is an easy thing.

4.San Francisco (Click here to explore English programs in San Francisco) Located in Northern California, San Francisco is a city where modernity meets history. Thanks to thousands of entreprenuers, the Bay Area is always fueled with energy and innovation. Hop on a cable car and cruise around the city, you will easily discover all the hidden history in this beautiful place. If you are a sports fan, this can be your paradise. Grab a classmate or two and catch a Golden State Warriors game on the weekends.

5.Boston (Click here to explore English programs in Boston) Boston is one of the most important historic cities in America. Influenced by early European culture in the 17th century, this megalopolis in the U.S. northeast has contributed irreplaceable impacts on the civilization of this country. Home to Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many other world-class universities, Boston also exerts a strong atmosphere of academic prestige. LanguaTravel's current partner in Boston is EC Boston.

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