Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrive or depart mid-week?

You may arrive or depart your destination whenever you wish, however check-ins for school arranged accommodation occur only on Sundays before your program begins, and check-outs occur the Saturday after your program ends. If you arrive before Sunday, you will be responsible for arranging your own lodging and transportation for all days leading up to your check-in day. If you depart after Saturday, you will be responsible for arranging all lodging and transportation after you check-out.

Can I arrange airport transfers with the school?

Yes, the school can arrange private airport pick up if you choose. Incoming transfers can be arranged for a fee if you arrive on the Sunday before your program begins. Outgoing transfers can be arranged for a fee on the Saturday after your program ends. If you are not arriving on a Sunday or departing on a Saturday, you will be responsible for making your own transportation arrangements. Fees vary by school.

Can I arrange extra nights in my accommodation?

No, LanguaTravel only books complete weeks (Sunday – Saturday) in school arranged accommodation. This is because the lodging needs to be prepared for the next week of arriving guests. If you need to add extra nights, you can either book an additional week, or arrange accommodation independently at a hotel or hostel.

Can I start classes mid-week?

No. As much as we wish we could accommodate everyone’s schedule, our school administrators work hard enough as it is to schedule teachers and place students each week. All classes begin on Mondays, and to join a program you must be present for the first day of class. Check-ins for school arranged accommodation (host families, apartments, residences etc.) occur the Sunday before your program begins.

Can I get prorated pricing if I have to depart early?

No. The schools must pay teachers and other operating expenses for entire weeks. Classes run from Monday – Friday each week, so we do not bill for partial weeks or give discounts for early departures. If you must depart before Friday, you’ll either have to pay for the entire week of classes, or forego your final week.

Can I book multiple locations on my trip?

This is possible, but not recommended unless you plan on spending at least two weeks in each location. If you’d like to hire a LanguaTravel personal travel consultant to arrange a multi-destination trip, email A $115 personal travel consultant fee will be required up-front to begin planning any multi-location trips. What does this cover? These trips are very time consuming to plan and require expert knowledge and attention to detail. You’ll get direct access to your personal travel coordinator leading up to your trip, a customized itinerary, document pack, and insider advice. Sit back, relax and let LanguaTravel handle the details.