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LanguaTravel is a marketplace for booking language immersion trips and vacations. Our typical customers are working adults and retirees between the ages of 18 and 75. We work with individuals, groups, families and companies. Start exploring to find your next adventure!

Pick a destination

Once you know what language you want to learn, choose a destination school, preferred dates, and a trip length. LanguaTravel offers great programs in destinations around the world, so have fun browsing and exploring! Do you want to visit the mountains or the beach, the city or the countryside? Once you've settled on a location, decide for how long you’d like to travel, and when you’d like to start.

Choose a course

Classes are divided into General Courses (Language only) and Specialty Courses (Language +). General courses consist of immersion language courses, usually 20-30 hours per week, taught either in small groups or in a one-one-one setting. Specialty language courses are either designed for a specific segment of student (professionals, teachers, doctors, seniors etc.), or combine another activity with the standard language courses (surfing, hiking, cooking, dancing etc.)

Choose lodging

Choose your preferred lodging. This is part is optional, and you are welcome to arrange lodging independently. Accommodation options vary by destination, but the most popular options are:

-Host Family Homestays
-Shared Apartments
-Private Studio Apartments
-3-4 Star Hotel Rooms
-On-site Residences

Book your trip!

Step 4 – Book Your Trip! Once you’ve decided on your destination school, dates, duration, courses and lodging, simply fill out a registration form, pay your deposit, and you’re all set! Deposits due at booking range from 10-30% depending on destination. Once you’ve booked, you will receive a confirmation and welcome packet from the school with all relevant information regarding class schedules arrival and departure instructions, payment details and more.

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