Amazon Spanish College

Learn Spanish in Leticia, Colombia

The Area & School

Dream of traveling to the heart of South America on the edge of the Amazon Rainforest? Want to immerse yourself in an authentic South American town away from throngs of tourists? The Amazon Spanish College campus in Leticia, Colombia is your spot.

The campus is located in the heart of the town of Leticia, one of the most unique and beautiful places in all of South America. Leticia is located on the southern tip of the country in a region known as Tres Fronteras, where Colombia, Peru and Brazil meet at the Amazon river. The school's location is optimal for experiencing both local Colombian culture and exploring the endless mysteries of the Amazon rainforest. Leticia neighbors Tabatinga in Brazil and the Peruvian island of Santa Rosa.

The school can house 25 students at a time in seven modern classrooms. The campus also is equipped with a reception area complete with coffee and juice bar, socializing areas and gorgeous gardens that make convenient study spots for our students. Wake up with a delicious cup of Colombian coffee from the lobby coffee shop and then head to class. During the day all classes are taught on our Leticia campus. In the afternoons, students can be found lounging or studying in the gardens and at night enjoying movie nights and other fun activities.

Spanish Courses

Standard 20 Spanish

For all experience levels. The Standard 20 Spanish program consists of 20 hours of instruction per week. (15 hrs of Spanish lessons and 5 hrs of cultural activities taught in Spanish)

Starts at $270 for one week

Intensive 25 Spanish

For all levels of experience. As the name suggests, the Intensive 25 Spanish program is a more intensive version of our Standard 20 program, consisting of 25 hours of instruction per week. (20 hrs of Spanish lessons, 5 hrs of cultural activities taught in Spanish)

Starts at $350 for one week

1:1 Private Spanish (20 Lessons / week)

This course consists of 20 lessons per week of private 1:1 lessons (one student, one teacher) as well as 5 bonus cultural lessons per week taught in small groups. Each private lesson is one hour in length and can be tailored to the exact learning goals of the student. Private Spanish lessons are a great way to progress quickly in a short amount of time, get intensive conversation practice, and work on specific topics that may not be covered at length in other courses. All tutors are native speakers with teaching certificates in the Spanish language.

Starts at $400 for one week


Host Family

(Private room, breakfast included) Staying with a host family is a great way to further experience the authentic culture of Leticia and Colombia while practicing and improving the Spanish skills you will learn each day at our language school. Host families are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. Families are located in Leticia neighborhoods, 10 minutes or less walking from campus. Students can expect the following amenities during their stay should they choose the homestay option:

  • Private room
  • Shared facilities with family
  • Breakfast
  • View of a market in Leticia

Special catered meals are available for students with specific dietary needs e.g. vegetarians. Families belong to the Colombian middle class and some cultural differences exist. Students choosing the homestay option should be willing to be flexible and adapt to the Colombian way of life. Go with the flow and have fun!

Starts at $150 / week

Shared Bungalow

(Breakfast included) Located on campus, in the city center of Leticia, each bungalow houses two students. The bungalow option is a great one for students who will enjoy contact with fellow classmates from around the world. Proximity to the main square provides a world of activities within walking distance. There are six comfy bungalows on campus. The following amenities are included with this option:

  • Breakfast
  • Hot shower
  • Safety box
  • Ceiling fan
  • Deck w/ pergola
  • Hammock
  • Housekeeping service

The shaded desks and sleepy hammocks make great for great study or relaxation spots and like the rest of our campus, the bungalows are always kept tidy by the staff.

Starts at $210 / week

Private Student Room

(Breakfast included) Perfect for students who prefer their own space, but still want to stay near the school and around other students. The private student rooms are located on campus and include the following amenities:

  • Private room
  • Free WiFi internet
  • Breakfast

Starts at $260 / week

Additional Details

Programs start every Monday throughout the year. The school will be closed on the following public holidays.

  • Año Nuevo (New Year's Day) (January 1)
  • Día de los Reyes Magos (Epiphany) (January 6)
  • Día de San José (Saint Joseph's Day) (March 19)
  • Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday) and Viernes Santo (Good Friday) (the Thursday and Friday before Easter Sunday)
  • Primero de Mayo (Labor Day) (May 1)
  • Ascensión del señor (Ascension of Jesus) (39 days after Easter Sunday)
  • Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter Sunday)
  • Sagrado Corazón (Sacred Heart) (68 days after Easter Sunday)
  • San Pedro y San Pablo (Saint Peter and Saint Paul) (June 29)
  • Declaration of Independence (July 20)
  • Battle of Boyacá (August 7)
  • La Asunción (Assumption of Mary) (August 15)
  • Día de la Raza (Columbus Day) (October 12)
  • All Saints’ Day (November 1)
  • Independence of Cartagena (November 11)
  • La Inmaculada Concepción (Immaculate Conception) (December 8)
  • Navidad (Christmas Day) (December 25)

ASC recommends booking a flight into Bogota (El Dorado International Airport) and then signing for the Bogota pickup package. If you decide to book your travel yourself, remember that international flights arrive in Bogota in the afternoon. Plan to stay one night in a hostel in Bogota and then fly to Leticia (Alfredo Vasquez Cobo Airport) the following morning.

Bogota Pickup Package
This convenient package is available to any students studying at our Leticia school. An agent of the school will meet students at the airport in Bogota and accompany them to a safe hostel for the first night of their trip. The following day, the agent will pick the students up and transport them back to the airport for their flight to Leticia.
$100 USD pp

Other Options Flight connections into Leticia are also available from Tabatinga, Brazil ; Iquitos, Peru ; and Manaus, Brazil. Boat connections are available from Tabatinga, Manaus, Iquitos as well as Santa Rosa, Peru.

Max Group Class Size: 6.0 students per class
Max Capacity: 25 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: $13.50 per class hour

Most weekly activities are free while eco-tours involve a fee.

Weekly activities

  • Leticia orientation and tour
  • Traditional Colombian cooking class
  • Local Amazonian crafts class
  • Exotic fruits of the Amazon class
  • Zoo, park and university trips
  • Amazon Rain-forest seminars
  • Longer weekend excursions

Weekend Eco-Tours

  • Weekend at a natural Amazon reserve (Colombia) / $120 US
  • Weekend at a natural Amazon reserve (Peru) / $185 US
  • Weekend bird watching in the Amazon (Colombia) / $140 US

All weekend eco-tours listed above include transport by river or land, a private guide and one night of lodging. One day (8 hour) eco-tours are also available.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a long time Spanish student looking to take the last step towards fluency, ASC will provide a one of a kind experience. All teachers are native speakers and professionals whose single goal is to give our students the educational experience of a lifetime. Whether teaching courses in Spanish grammar, conversation or Amazon studies, staff members always display unparalleled enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge.

Students with previous Spanish experience will be given a placement test upon arrival to determine an appropriate class level. Absolute beginners will automatically be placed in level A1. The program combines communication, conversation and grammar, with a primary emphasis on the knowledge of basic grammar. Small class sizes allow each lesson to be tailored to the learning styles and needs of individual students. Students learn more because they learn effectively.