ALI at San Diego State University

Learn English in San Diego, United States

The Area & School

Sitting by the beach of Southern California, San Diego is one of the most desirable US destinations. The coastal city of San Diego have unparalleled sports, recreations, and cultural atmosphere. Each year, this oceanside city welcomes over 32 million visitors and professional surfers. Just 30 minutes east of the city downtown, American Language Institute is located right on the campus of San Diego State University, a top university in United States. As one of the highest regarded language schools in the country since 1974, American Language Institute hosts around 2,000 students per semester coming from over 65 countries. Having full access to all university facilities, students have the opportunity to experience the life of an American college student.

English Courses

Intensive 23 English

The Intensive 23 English is available for both short-term and long-term studying. The program consists of 23 hours of instruction per week and are designed into 7 different levels from beginner to advanced. Some topics include Oral Communications, Listening, Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Speaking Skills. Optional business classes are also available for intermediate and advanced students with an particular interest. Students will benefit from interacting closely with native English-speaking instructors and significantly improve their communication skills.

  • Prices vary by season. Please contact school for detailed information.

Starts at $361 for one week

Academic Focus Intensive 23

The Academic Focus Intensive 23 English program offers systematic English trainings on academic reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking , vocabulary skills, as well as strategies necessary for success in college and university coursework. After taking a placement test (EAP) upon arrival, each student will be best matched to a content category. Students may have opportunities to attend university classes at SDSU.

Starts at $378 for one week

Business Entrepreneurship Intensive 23

This program provides English education on business trends, innovative entrepreneurship and the essentials for creating a business. Overall, the program includes core English classes, Social Entrepreneurship Seminar, and a final Portfolio. Students have opportunities to build practical experiences through SDSU Entrepreneurship Center and networking with inspirational social entrepreneurs. At the end of each program, students will receive a Business English Certificate as recognition.

Starts at $378 for one week

Business Intensive 23

The Business Intensive 23 English includes Core English Classes, Elective Classes, Seminars and Workshops, and a final Portfolio. This program consists of 23 hours of studying per week. This program is designed for students who have strong interest in enhancing business communication skills and the desire to develop a professional career path in business. Please inquire for more information.

Starts at $378 for one week

Exam Preparation Intensive 23

Exam Preparation Intensive 23 English (or called Pre-MBA and Pre-Master's) helps students equip essential skills for graduate school application. The program consists of trainings on GMAT/GRE preparation, writing and reading skills, TOEFL/IELTS taking skills, and communication skills. Prices vary by season. Please contact school for detailed information.

Starts at $389 for one week

Teacher Training Intensive 30

The Teacher Training Intensive 30 English facilitates students who plan to develop a career in professional teaching. This 130-hour-total TESL/TEFL Certificate program helps students advance in language acquisition, communicative language pedagogy, basic English skills, and pronunciation integration. As a result, students will effectively improve their teaching strategies, lesson plans, and technology use. A special teacher-mentor is assigned to each participant to maximize the student's learning result. Prices vary by season. Night sessions for this program are available...

Starts at $900 for one week


Host Family

ALI selects over 200 wonderful hosts families, all located 30 minutes or less from campus. At each family, students will enjoy a private room, two daily prepped meals, and other facilities provided by the kind family members.

Starts at $200 / week

Apartment Style Housing

Apartment Style Housings are available at ALI. All apartments are conveniently located near campus. Each private or shared room is fully furnished along with a bed, a dresser, a nightstand, a couch and a coffee table. Other utilities and Internet are ready to use.

  • Prices vary by season, Please inquire for detailed information. Meals are not included in this option.

Starts at $222 / week

Residential Hall

The residential hall is a great option for students desire independence and flexibility. ALI dormitories are within walking distance from the main campus. Students will have the perks to eat and live with American college students on campus. All utilities and high-speed Internet are included.

  • Room may be private or shared due to the amount of students. Prices vary by season. Please inquire for pricing information.

Starts at $278 / week

Additional Details

2016 US national holidays:

  • New Years Day-Jan 1st
  • Martin Luther King Day-Jan 18th
  • Memorial Day-May 30th
  • Independence Day-Jul 4th
  • Labor Day-Sep 5th
  • Veterans Day-Nov 11th
  • Thanksgiving-Nov 24th
  • Christmas Day-Dec 25th
  • By Plane:

The closest airport is San Diego International Airport, only 20 minutes away from the school. Airport pick up is available.

  • By Car:

If you choose to arrive from other cities, the school is an hour drive away from Las Vegas and two-hour drive from San Francisco. The school is also conveniently connected to other major cities in California.

More information at

Max Group Class Size: 20.0 students per class
Max Capacity: 2400 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: $15.70 per class hour

The school organizes a wide range of activities to students. Some include:

  • Balboa Park
  • Graduation Parties
  • Julian
  • Outlet Mall Shopping
  • San Diego City Tour
  • SeaWorld
  • Viejas Casino
  • Whale Watching
  • San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • The World-famous San Diego Zoo

Some may include additional fees.

American Language Institute offers a variety of professional language programs, including Intensive English for Communication, Business English Certificates, University Pathway, and Teacher Training. Accredited by UCIEP and ENGLISH US, the school provides comprehensive trainings to students. ALI aims to enhance students' English language skills and proficiency at all levels. At the end, students will receive a certificate from the school and as recognition. In addition, ALI offers conditional admissions and pathways to San Diego State University. About 60% of international freshmen attended ALI prior to admission to SDSU. Students are open to all campus facilities, such as SDSU library, an outdoor swimming pool, intramural sports, etc.