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Learn English in Toronto, Canada

The Area & School

Toronto is a beautiful, multicultural city located in Southern Ontario, Canada. As a large cultural center of North America, the city has magnificent sights of theaters, museums, cafeterias and sports teams, bringing life to the area. Cornerstone Academic College is a professional language institute, conveniently located in the heart of Yorkville, downtown Toronto. With extremely easy access to major attractions such as CN Tower, St.Lawrence Market and Casa Loma, the school sits next to numerous local restaurants, shops and bars. The subway is running just around the corner. Without stepping outside, students can get to the Bay subway station directly through the school underground walkways within minutes.

English Courses

Standard 20 English

The Standard 20 English program combines ESL courses with an integrated approach. In addition to General English skills (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening), students also have the opportunity to gain professional knowledge in various English-speaking areas to increase their competency in the job market. All courses are taught by TESL certified and experienced teachers. Elective courses are also included in this program.

Starts at $278.75 for one week

Intensive 28 English

The Intensive 28 English program consists of 28 hours of English courses per week. All classes are designed into 7 levels from Beginner to Advanced. Besides general English skills (Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading), this program also helps students develop professional skills in English speaking environments. Some topics include Telephone English, English for the Restaurant Industry, Business Writing, and Interview Practice. A variety of afternoon elective courses are also offered.

Starts at $362.50 for one week

Real Speaking 28 English

This program best suits students who hope to develop solid English communication skills. With 28 hours of intensive courses, students can effectively improve their listening skills, expand their vocabulary, learn to use idioms and practice talking in natural speed like native speakers.

Starts at $382.50 for one week

Teaching 28

The Teaching 28 English courses are designed for students who plan to pursue careers in English teaching abroad. TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TEYC (Teaching English to Young Children) diplomas are available as recognition at the end of this 4-week intensive program. A special, supervised practicum is offered in the TEYC diploma program to evaluate students' teaching ability and provide instructions.

Starts at $225 for one week

Business 28

The Business 28 English program teaches students the essentials needed to succeed in the business world. In result, students can improve their business communication skills and enlarge understanding of the business world through in-class case studies as wells as field trips. In addition, a CAC certificate is available upon completion of a 4-week program; where a CAC diploma is to recognize those who complete a 8-week program.

Starts at $382.50 for one week

Exam Preparation 28

This program prepares non-native English speakers with important language skills and knowledge to get high scores on IELTS and iBT TOEFL exams. All courses cover trainings on General English and exam taking skills. Cornerstone Academic College utilizes a variety of teaching resources to help students maximize their English proficiency.

Starts at $382.50 for one week


Residential Housing

This option is for students who prefer high privacy and flexibility during their stay. Each unit comes with a private bedroom, Internet and other amenities. No meals are included in this option.

Starts at $150 / week

Host Family

Staying with a host family is a great way to practice English and immerse into local culture. Cornerstone Academic College carefully selects groups of host families to make sure your stay is safe, fun and memorable. These family members are extremely welcoming, warm and patient and happy to have you onboard. During the stay, you will enjoy a private room, shared bathroom, breakfast and dinner, Internet and other amenities. An upgrade to 3 meals per day is available upon request. Please contact school for private room for teens option.

Starts at $200 / week

Additional Details

2016 Canadian National Holidays:

  • New Year's Day - Jan 01 - 2016
  • Good Friday - March 25 - 2016
  • Victoria Day - May 23 - 2016
  • Canada Day - July 1 - 2016
  • Labour Day - September 1 - 2016
  • Thanksgiving - October 10 -2016
  • Remembrance Day - November 11 - 2016
  • Christmas Day - December 25 - 2016
  • By Air:
    The largest airport in Toronto is Pearson International Airport. Cornerstone Academic College offers airport pickup and drop off services. Please inquiry school for more details.
Max Group Class Size: 15.0 students per class
Max Capacity: 250 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: $13.94 per class hour
  • Everyday Activities: Theatre, music, literature, sports and outdoor recreational activities.

  • Free Activities: Open conversations, open tutor, etc.

  • Special Activities: Holiday parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving (October), etc.

Cornerstone Academic College values quality language education and the real success of each student. Besides the general ESL (English as a Second Language) programs offered here at Cornerstone, the school also designed professional trainings on Business English and TOEFL, IELTS preparation. Additionally, all students will follow the "English Only Policy" on campus in order to maximize immersion results through a focused learning experience. The staff at Cornerstone have deep understanding in students and foreign language learning. They make sure to "Provide the highest level of enriched learning" and "Empower students to achieve their higher potential".