Don Quijote Antigua

Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala

The Area & School

Spanish Courses

Standard 20 Spanish

The Standard 20 course consists of twenty lessons per week of immersion Spanish totaling 16 hours and 40 minutes. In addition to daily Spanish classes, students will have the option of participating in five hours per week of bonus cultural classes, absolutely free. All levels are welcome in the Standard 20 course.

Starts at $116 for one week

Private 1:1 Courses (20 lessons / week)

This program consists of 20 lessons per week of private Spanish tutoring. One-on-one Spanish classes are the most intensive immersion courses available. Classes are 55 minutes in length and can be tailored to the student's individual goals. Private lessons are a great way to progress quickly in a short amount of time, get intensive conversation practice, and work on specific topics that may not be covered at length in other courses. All tutors are native speakers with teaching certificates in the Spanish language.

Starts at $190 for one week


Host Family

(Private room, full-board) Staying with a Guatemalan host family is the best way to learn a lot of Spanish, especially if you are short on time. Students will be given their own set of keys and a private room so they can come and go as they please. Three meals per day are included in the price of accommodation. All trusted host families are selected and interviewed by the school staff.

Starts at $160 / week

Additional Details

Max Group Class Size: 8.0 students per class
Max Capacity: 64 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: $6.33 per class hour

In addition to Spanish classes, the school staff organizes 3-4 weekly activities and excursions outside of the school. Many of these activities are free of charge, but some require a small payment of up to $5 USD per student for bus fare, entrance fees, food or supplies.

Activities include:

  • Tour of Antigua
  • Salsa dance classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Fiestas
  • Soccer (Fútbol)
  • Movie nights
  • Cultural classes

Weekend Excursions include:

  • Chichicastenango
  • Tikal
  • Belize
  • Lake Atitlán
  • Honduras
  • And more!

All ages and levels of students are welcome and encouraged to join an immersion program in Antigua. Courses begin every Monday throughout the year. Courses are taught by native speakers in mini-groups, limited to a maximum of eight students. Lessons focus on a variety of language elements of conversation, grammar exercises, reading, writing, and real-world situations. A combination of techniques are employed, including role playing, oral exercises, worksheets, audio and video, interactive games, and assessments.