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Learn Spanish in Cadiz, Spain

The Area & School

Cadiz is a beautiful coastal city located in southwestern Spain. As one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe, Cadiz is filled with ample historic landmarks. Attractions such as Plaza de Mina, The Cathedral, the Archeological Museum, and the Tavior Tower are peacefully located in the heart of Cadiz, awaiting discovery. Aside from its cultural treasures, Cadiz is also known as for its mild and glorious Mediterranean climate. Bathed in an average of 3200 hours of sunshine per year, the area is surrounded by crystal-clear water and a golden beach. Just a few minutes away from a beach paved with 10 kilometers of fine sand, our wonderful school K2 Internacional welcomes students with the most authentic Spanish learning experience in the beautiful city of Cadiz.

Spanish Courses

General 20 Spanish

The Intensive 20 Spanish is designed for students who hope to increase their Spanish proficiency in the shortest time possible. The program consists of 20 Spanish classes per week and four 45-minute lessons per day. Throughout the program, all classes train students on general language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Intensive 20 Spanish is offered to students from beginner to advanced level.

  • Minimum age 17.

Starts at €175 for one week

Intensive 25 Spanish

The Intensive 25 Spanish provides students with professional training on gaining proficiency in all situations. This program includes 25 Spanish classes per week and four 45-minute lessons plus one 50-minute additional lesson daily. In addition to learning general Spanish skills, the Intensive 25 Spanish offers an extra curriculum on oral expression and comprehension.

  • Minimum age: 17

Starts at €200 for one week

Intensive 30 Spanish

The Intensive 30 Spanish provides general Spanish education and special topics. The 30-class-per-week program introduces students with Spanish listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural studies. All courses are designed to facilitate students in acquiring highly intensive and systematic language training and cultural comprehension. This program is offered to students at all levels.

  • Minimum age 17.

Starts at €250 for one week

Private 10

Private Spanish classes are available at K2 Internacional. This program is most suitable for students who expect to learn Spanish via exclusive conversations with teachers at their own pace. During each 50-minute long class, students will be able to receive customized Spanish learning depending on each person's needs. At the end, students will enjoy maximum Spanish learning result while having greater flexibility. No minimum age required. All classes are based on 1-on-1 teaching. Other preferred class numbers are available (1, 5, 20+/week)...

Starts at €270 for one week

Business 30

The Business 30 Spanish is open to all students who plan to learn Business knowledge and practice while improving their Spanish language skills. The courses include 20 classes Intensive Spanish and 10 classes of Business training per week. Besides general Spanish skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, at the end of this program, students will gain deep comprehension on business strategies, cultural differences, business communication and much more. Minimum age 17. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level students. Please inquire for available dates and pricing.

Starts at €285 for one week

Tourism 30

Tourism 30 Spanish is a specially designed program that help students enrich knowledge on local tourism while studying Spanish. These weekly courses teach students with 20 general Spanish skills classes and 10 courses focusing on the fundamentals of being a professional in tourism, such as a tour guide, travel agent, pilot, or a hotel receptionist. By the end of this program, students will significantly develop both Spanish proficiency and skills in hospitality. Minimum age 17. Recommended to students from intermediate to advanced level. Minimum stay 2 weeks.

Starts at €285 for one week

DELE Preparation 30

DELE stands for the Diplomas of Spanish Learning as a Foreign Language, an official certificate that credits high level of Spanish language proficiency. It is accredited by Cervantes Institute under the Ministry of Education in Spain. The DELE Preparation 30 Spanish consists of 20 general Spanish courses and 5 extra courses on DELE exam preparation per week. By the end of this program, a mock exam week is given to help students fully familiarize with authentic testing environment. Minimum age 17.

Starts at $285 for one week


Apartment Style Housing

K2 Internacional offers apartment style housing for students who desire high flexibility and the opportunity to meet new friends. All apartments come with a single or shared bedroom, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. Each apartment is fully furnished with TV, washer, dryer, and kitchenwares.

Starts at €130 / week

Host Family

Staying with a Spanish family is a great way to immerse into local culture. K2 Internacional selects a number of caring and friendly families with years of hosting experiences. Each family have exceptional social skills and welcome students with a variety of activities. Full board (3 meals a day) and half board (breakfast + dinner) options available. Please inquire for more information.

Starts at €245 / week

Additional Details

Here are the 2016 national holidays in Spain:

  • Jan 1 - Friday - New Years Day
  • Jan 6 - Wednesday - Epiphany
  • March 25 - Friday - Good Friday
  • May 1 - Sunday - Labor Day
  • Aug 15 - Monday - Assumption of Mary
  • Oct 12 - Wednesday - Hispanic Day
  • Nov 1 - Tuesday - All Saint's Day
  • Dec 6 - Tuesday - Constitution Day
  • Dec 8 - Thursday - Immaculate Conception
  • Dec 25 - Sunday - Christmas Day
  • By air:

The biggest airport near Cadiz is Jerez Airport (also known as La Parra Airport), which is 28 miles away from Cadiz. You may also choose to arrive from Serville Airport.

  • Airport pick-up:

K2 Internacional offers round-trip or one-way airport pick-up service at both Jerez Airport and Serville Airport with maximum safety and comfort. More information at http://www.k2internacional.com/services/transfer/.

Max Group Class Size: 6.2857142857142857 students per class
Max Capacity: 0 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: €11.67 per class hour

At K2 Internacional, there is a professional team of staff who are knowledgable in local tourism. They make their best efforts to provide diverse extra-curricular activities and excursions to help students gain knowledge on local culture and have fun in their leisure time.

Here are some sample activities provided at K2 Internacional:

  • City Tour
  • Neighborhood Populo
  • Film Workshop
  • Flamenco Classes
  • Crafting
  • Boat Trip

K2 Internacional believes that the best way to learn Spanish is through immersion. Following this methodology, K2 Internacional offers a variety of Spanish courses from general Spanish courses, to specialty Spanish courses, to professional Spanish programs and summer camps. All Spanish courses at K2 Internacional are accredited by Cervantes Institute and recognized by many other organizations. K2 Internacional adopts small class sizes to ensure maximum Spanish learning results for their students. The school also consists of qualified teachers and warm-hearted, experienced staff adapting to meet every student's needs.