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Learn Mandarin and Cantonese in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Area & School

Hong Kong is a beautiful metropolitan city that never sleeps. Its unique scenery and skyscrapers attract many visitors from around the world to come every year. Not to mention it is a shopping heaven for all bargain hunters. Q Language Centre is conveniently located at Central, Hong Kong Island, home to the financial district as well as a many famous landmarks and architectural interests. We provide Chinese language teaching services for the local and expatriate communities in Hong Kong. Our students come from over 30 different countries including Brazil, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Germany, USA etc., providing a multi-national learning environment.

Mandarin and Cantonese Courses

Intensive 15 Cantonese

The Intensive 15 Cantonese Program will focus on developing general skills such as Speaking and Listening. With 15 hours of classes per week, students have the flexibility to choose from morning or afternoon classes, giving them opportunities to enjoy and explore the city more. Other fundamental Cantonese skills including reading, writing and pronunciation are also taught in this program.

Starts at $169 for one week

Intensive 15 Mandarin

The Intensive 15 Mandarin Program includes different skill-based classes giving students more choice and flexibility. These classes focus on general skills targeting all Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing. There will also be self-study tasks for more Grammar, Reading & Writing improvement. Students will also have the option to study extra Chinese characters or improve Yale reading (Romanized system for Chinese). Lessons will focus on functional study and include guidance on accurate pronunciation and intonation.

Starts at $169 for one week

Intensive 24 Mandarin

The Intensive 24 Mandarin Program is designed for students wishing to master essential Chinese skills. With 24 hours per week, this program not only focuses on fundamental skills like Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, students will also have the option to choose other areas to focus on in order to meet their needs such as Business Skills & Exam Study.

Starts at $270 for one week

Intensive 24 Cantonese

The Intensive 24 Cantonese Program is ideal for students who wish to develop essential Cantonese skills. This 24-hour-per-week program provides trainings on all fundamental skills such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Pronunciation. Students can also choose other areas to focus on based on their interests and needs such as Business Skills & Exam Study.

Starts at $270 for one week


Shared Housing

Q Language can also accommodate students with shared housing. This is great for students preferring to network with others. Please contact the school for more detailed information.

Starts at $154 / week

Studio Apartment

Q Language accommodates students within local apartments to provide them with an independent living space. Basic, Serviced, and Luxury studio are available. Please contact the school for more detailed information.

Starts at $255 / week

Host Family

The school also offers homestay housing to give students a fully-immersed experience living in Hong Kong. It is also a great chance to practice Chinese with the local people and fully taste the culture. Please contact the school for more detailed information.

Starts at $325 / week

Apartment Style Housing

For students who prefer living with high level of independency and privacy, a variety of family apartments are available to meet different student needs. Please contact the school for more detailed information.

Starts at $649 / week

Additional Details

2016 HK public holidays:

  • The first day of January – January 1st
  • Lunar New Year’s Day – February 8th
  • The second day of Lunar New Year – February 9th
  • The third day of Lunar New Year - February 10th
  • Good Friday - March 25th
  • The day following Good Friday - March 26th
  • Easter Monday - March 28th
  • Ching Ming Festival - April 4th
  • The day following the Labour Day - May 2nd
  • The Birthday of the Buddha - May 14th
  • Tuen Ng Festival - June 9th
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day – July 1st
  • The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - September 16th
  • National Day - October 1st
  • The day following the Chung Yeung Festival - October 10th
  • The first weekday after Christmas Day - December 26th
  • The second weekday after Christmas Day - December 27th
  • By Air:

The closest airport is Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), about 45 minutes away from the school. You may choose to take a train or taxi from the airport to the school location.

  • Airport Pick-up Service:

Q Language Centre provides airport pick-up service that gets you directly to school or your accommodation location. This service is $52 for each way. Please request the pickup service 5 business days prior to your arrival. Please contact the school for more information.

Max Group Class Size: 8.0 students per class
Max Capacity: 220 students
Adjusted Price of INT 20: $11.27 per class hour

Q Language offers diverse activities and excursions to make sure students have fun while learning Chinese.

Sample activities include:
* regular field trips (museums, university, beach days, boat trips, hiking etc.)
* local & international festival celebrations

Q Language Centre is a professional language institute with a dedicated team of professional native-speaker teachers of Mandarin & Cantonese. All programs have highly flexible structures to suit each student's schedule, ability or budget. While maximizing students' learning outcomes, the school offers a multi-national class atmosphere with students from over 30 different countries. Q Language Centre is in the Central area of Hong Kong Island. With this prime location, the school is within walking distance to public transportation, shopping areas, entertainment and business districts. At Q Language Centre, students always come first. The school has a legal team that provides expert processing of student visas applications at no cost. Outside of class, the dedicated Student Services staff will help arrange students' stay in Hong Kong and look after the needs of every student.