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What is Langua Travel?

Langua Travel is an online marketplace for finding short and long term Spanish, French, English and Portuguese language immersion programs.

Who are our typical customers?

Our typical customers are working adults and retirees between the ages of 18 and 75. We work with individuals, couples, groups, families and companies. We also frequently see college and university students who don’t have the time or money for a semester abroad, but would still like to see the world and learn another language.

Am I too old/young to study at one of your partner language schools?

No! Every year we sign up students of all ages for our programs, from toddlers to great grandmas. You are never too old to start traveling, learning, and exploring. Minors must be accompanied by an adult of course, but we offer family, teens, and kids programs at most of our locations. Also, check out our section on Spanish immersion for adults!

Still unsure? Check out our detailed blog post on language immersion travel for adults:

But I thought study abroad programs were only for college students.

In the past, if you wanted to study abroad, you generally had to be a matriculated student, enroll through a university and dedicate six months to a year of your life to the program. In the past few decades however, a huge network of boutique language schools has emerged around the world to fulfill the demand for short term language immersion and study abroad programs for adults, families and working professionals. The Langua Travel marketplace allows you to compare and book hundreds of these programs in one place.

What specialties do you offer?

There are language programs available for students of all ages, professions, backgrounds and interests. Popular professional programs include:

Popular activity programs include: We also offer a selection of age-specific programs includiong:

Why should I sign up for a language immersion course abroad?

At Langua Travel, we believe that experience lies at the heart of a complete education. Sure, you could try to learn another language from a textbook or computer program, but you could never begin to replace the invaluable knowledge gained by immersion in another culture. Traveling, studying and living in another country provides students with unique, worldview changing experiences that cannot be replicated. You have to go out and live it!

Do I need past language learning experience?

No way! Many of our students have never taken a day of Spanish classes in their lives. That is OK. At each of our schools, students will be given a placement test to determine their appropriate level. If you are complete newbie, you will be placed in the first level. The best part is, you'll have nowhere to go but up!