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Why book with LanguaTravel?

1. Financial security

Never send your credit card information over the internet. LanguaTravel will never ask you to send payment details over email and no one else should either. All course payments can be made via credit card using state of the art encrypted transaction technology through Stripe. Unlike other travel companies, LanguaTravel will never require a wire transfer and we offer the most favorable deposit and refund terms in the industry. Keep your money and personal data safe by booking with LanguaTravel.

2. Best prices

We negotiate exclusive pricing with our partner schools and never charge a markup for our courses. That means you get the same course plus the security and safety of the LanguaTravel marketplace, at the same price or cheaper than anywhere else. Use the money you save for a fancy dinner or a weekend excursion on your trip.

3. Quality schools and courses

LanguaTravel takes the guess work out of finding a language immersion program abroad. We vet every partner school and program for quality. All classes sold on the LanguaTravel marketplace are taught by native speakers. Host families and lodging providers are continuously evaluated by the accommodation departments at each school to ensure quality. LanguaTravel also lists all local, national, and international accreditations for each institution.

4. Peace of mind

When you book with LanguaTravel, you have access to an English speaking personal booking rep in your time zone. They can give you advice on travel arrangements, packing and preparation, and activities. You'll also have access to the vast database of frequently asked questions we've collected about every school, course, and destination. If you have a problem with your trip, let us know and we'll do our best to help solve your problem.

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